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The PWA have announced the first event of the 2021 at an exciting new location in Israel.

World Cup Slalom is back!

The PWA is pleased to announce the confirmation of the first World Cup Slalom event to take place since the start of the pandemic. The 2021 Tiberias PWA World Cup will take place in Israel from the 21st to 25th June at the city of Tiberias, on the Western shores of the Sea of Galilee.


The event will create a unique combination of past and present. As the first event to be run using the PWA’s new integrated slalom format, cutting edge windsurfing technology will be perfectly showcased against the backdrop of this truly historic location.


Founded in 20 CE by Herod Antipas and named in honour of the Roman Emperor of the same name, Tiberias has great significance in both Judaism and Christianity and is steeped in history. In June of this year however, it will play host to a modern generation attempting to walk on water, albeit with the help of the latest in hi tech equipment! Throughout the summer months, regular thermal winds generate superb flat water conditions, and create an ideal location for any windsurfer, from those just setting out for their first steps on the water to the seasoned professionals of the PWA.


The Tiberias PWA World Cup will truly be an event of firsts. As well as being the first event of the new slalom format and the first slalom event with the new equal prize money structure, it is the first PWA slalom world cup to take place in Israel and the first to showcase the PWA’s new media service, delivering a range of content from live streaming, to daily online highlights and even including the first in what will be a new series of TV shows on the PWA tour. Perhaps more than anything though, as the first, full blown PWA world cup to take place since New Caledonia in 2019. It will be a welcome return of top level PWA windsurfing competition and all eyes of the windsurfing world will undoubtedly be turned on Tiberias towards the end of June.


As the most prominent athlete in the Israeli windsurfing scene, Arnon Dagan, ISR-1 (NeilPryde, Future Fly) played an integral part in bringing the event to Israel, alongside the local event organisers – Comtecgroup and Target-Market.


“Since I was 13 years old, I always looked up to the sailors of the PWA. I Could never imagine that the PWA will hold an event in Israel one day. In the past 15 years I have been trying to bring the tour to Israel and now finally its happening! Israel has incredible spots for windsurfing, from Eilat in the South, to Haifa in the North. The lake of Galilee in Tveria is one of the most consistent places in the world for wind in the summer. I can’t wait to welcome my friends and windsurfing superstars and see them flying on the water. It is an amazing development for the sport of windsurfing in Israel and everyone here is super excited”.


PWA President, Jimmy Diaz, ISV-11, (Duotone, Starboard), was equally enthusiastic.

f8500a4ad1“The past 14 months have been incredibly tough for all the riders on the PWA tour and organising events in these unprecedented times has created unique challenges. To be able to realise any events right now is a great achievement, but to have one in such a great and historic location, with such great conditions, is a huge boost to our sport and to the PWA Tour. We are grateful to both the city of Tberias, Comtecgroup, Target-Market and Arnon for their efforts in making this a reality and we are all looking forward to being back on the start line!




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