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Two innovative product launches from the RRD camp today…the RRD Airwindsurf Freeride Board –an inflatable planing windsurfing freeride board – and the RRD Airwindsurf Rig MK1 – a foldable rig – windsurfing just went backpackable!


RRD Airwindsurf Freeride Board

 – Our first inflatable planing freeride windsurf board. We are particularly proud of this board since it has taken more than one prototype and more than 1000 hours of hard work in designing, moulding, testing and changing everything from zero. We have put together an unbeatable board that will make you enthusiastic about the way it planes, accelerates and reaches incredible top speeds! Specifically recommended for freeriding, this is the real first step towards a new way of windsurfing at full speed and planing before a composite freeride board. First of all we have based the whole concept of the Air Windsurf freeride on the exceptional experience we have gathered with our exclusive SBS or Sandwich Dyneema Belt that allows us to make inflatable boards that are 30% stiffer than a conventional board.

But for the Air Windsurf board we have gone one step further and used 3 x SBS Sadwich Dyneema Belts instead of only one, like we use on our SUP boards. 3 x SBS Sandwich Dyneema belts mean 3 x times the stiffness of a conventional Inflatable board, and this is exactly how this board will feel when trying to flex it. It’s almost as stiff as an epoxy board! Once we have achieved a super rigid structure we started to think of an efficient way to make the board get on a plane as quickly as possible, jibe properly and make sure that you could stay upwind and go fast on a reach.

For this we have developed 2 x specific exclusive accessories that have been assembled into the board itself:

1) An exclusive ITB or Integrated Tuttle Box system that is moulded and glued inside the board. With this box we have been able to create a box and a fin system that has the same stiffness as a composite board. A stiff box and fin will make this board plane, go upwind and as fast as a real freeride composite board.
2) An exclusive SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile with a hollow chamber that allows us to create a perfect water release off the board’s hull and rolls up perfectly and quickly without creating wrinkles on the TUE line.

These 3 features together : 3 x SBS (Sandwich Dyneema Belts), the ITB (Integrated Tuttle Box) and the SPSP (Soft PVC Sharp Rail Profile ) are the backbone of the performance level of this extraordinary board range that is about to be introduced in the market and will be changing forever the way we think of windsurfing.

More info: http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/shop/airwindsurf-freeride/

RRD Airwindsurf Freeride from RRD International on Vimeo.

Airwindsurf Rig MK1

– A high performance rig package that fits in a back pack. Portable fun.
Without doubt our greatest innovation to date, the Airwindsurf rig gives you high performance windsurfing, in a portable package. A 5 piece mast, 2 piece boom and a sail that folds in half. This is the future of windsurfing. A 5 batten freeride design offering plenty of low end juice to get you up and riding, no matter what RRD board you put it on. Available in 2 technologies. The Airwindsurf comes with a standard C35 mast, or for the ultimate in performance the Airwindsurf Pro comes with a C80 mast. Whichever you choose this is high performance windsurfing that fits in the boot of a Ferrari. Whether you’re traveling, have a small car, or if you are just short of storage space, the Airwindsurf rig ensures you never compromise on performance.

Sail sizes: 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0



See our interview with Airwindsurf RRD designer John Skye here: https://www.windsurf.co.uk/rrd-airwindsurf-sail/

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