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RRD have just released their new Powermove, a new addition in the RRD line and presents itself as a one-off series to be discovered, check out the details from RRD here:


Whether you’re looking to master blasting control, make more gybes or venture into small waves, the POWERMOVE will be your new go to board.

We wanted a faster and more forgiving shape than the Freestyle Wave but also more maneuverable and performing than the Firemove.
The Powermove is a new addition in the RRD line and presents itself as a one-off series to be discovered. A fast rocker line with a long flat section to aid its acceleration and blasting speed. The Powermove has a fair amount of volume on the tail and parallel lines in the outline that make it capable of reaching high speeds but also a excelling on carving turns and freestyle maneuvers. Once you get into wavy conditions, its surf-like outline and choice of tri fins make it very maneuverable, fun to turn and exciting to jump with.

The POWERMOVE is a new modern all-round board that will work in large variety of conditions with plenty of setup options for riders looking for a board to have fun on any given day.


  • Straight Rocker until the mid section and slight double concave configuration to achieve top speeds and blazing acceleration.
  • Round tail with a fair amount of volume to increase early planing and speed.
  • Freestyle-wave outline for carving and riding in wavy conditions.
  • SIZES: 96 – 104 – 114 LTS

RRD POWERMOVE Y28 from RRD watersports on Vimeo.

Click here for more information from RRD:

RRD POWERMOVE – RRD Roberto Ricci Designs – Equipment

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