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Studland is a shady, sheltered beach facing E. Set in beautiful National Trust land this white sand beach is the perfect place for beginners or just cruising around on a long board. It can be sailed in a wide variety of wind directions and the water doesn’t get very rough as it’s protected by the Foreland to the south and sand banks to the north. There is enough car parking for around 2000 cars, the one in the north has the closest access to the sea. Shell Bay in the north of the Studland Peninsula can be sailed in E, SE and W. SW is directly offshore and with the 8 knot currents at the entrance to Poole Harbour we recommend you avoid sailing this wind direction. There is a car park close to the beach.

Getting there: See Swanage

Parking: Plenty of car parks by the beach

Ideal Wind: N to SE, SW

Accommodation: B&B in Swanage

Amenities: Cafés, shops and toilets

Suitable for: Most abilities

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