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2013 goya guru 4.7

Goya Guru 4.7 2013 TEST REVIEW

Stats Size (m2) 4.7 Luff (cm) 417 Boom (cm) 163 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS RDM Extension Req (cm) 17 Price £529

Goya Guru 4.7 2013 TEST REVIEW

The Guru is Goya’s ‘control’ wave sail, targeted at high wind comfort and easy-handling. By using a lot of scrim to achieve a balance of durability and light weight, Goya pitch this sail as having a ‘finger-tip’, flexible, smooth-feeling nature.

A five-batten frame, with a long luff, medium boom length and fairly high-aspect ‘cutaway’ leech outline, the Guru features the trademark Goya reduced head shape – designed to improve handling and manoeuvrability.

It’s clear the intention is to build a very solid sail. With Kevlar x-ply construction throughout it’s well reinforced and also features the Everclear flex window in the middle, as well as large scrim panels in the head.

Designed for a 400 RDM, we tested the sail on a Goya Direct Drive mast. It’s simple to rig and has a wide tuning range – mostly through the outhaul once the downhaul is set.

There are two outhaul options at the clew for fine-tuning, as well as a useful tuning guide printed on the sail.

The Guru feels very well-balanced and lightweight in the hands. The pull is slightly forwards and higher up with the power control on the backhand very light giving it a fairly neutral feel. The bottom-end power feeds in smoothly.

It’s not particularly grunty but is very efficient and capable of getting you going early enough. Once you’re up-and-running it’s extremely comfortable and at the top end it’s very easy to handle – even in the windiest and most-challenging conditions it remained comfortable to use.

The wind range on the water is very impressive and with a bit of fine-tuning on the outhaul you can really exploit its full potential. On the wave the nimble, easy handling really pays off and it can be switched to neutral whenever you need it to in manoeuvres.

The Goya Guru is lightweight and extremely well built. It’s super-manoeuvrable and easy to handle in all conditions – this sail will suit riders who want a feather-like feeling, comfortable and controllable wave sail with a wide wind range.



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