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The pub and the beach just above Hayle town centre are both called The Bluff. This is an excellent riding spot, the powerful waves build rapidly over the sand bar and command respect even from the best riders. As it gets closer to high tide, the beach at the bottom of the access path disappears and makes landing somewhat interesting!??!. As the tide falls there is a strong downwind rip, which slows down as the tide falls. The best time to sail The Bluff is two or three hours after low tide and it works in winds from SW to NW. A place where a chat with the local lifeguards pays dividends.

Getting there: From Hayle take the road for Phillack and the Towans driving past the caravan site. The road turns left and The Bluff pub is on the right.

Parking: The Bluff car park

Ideal Wind: SW to NW

Accommodation: Caravan site at the Towans

Amenities: Holiday campsite shop and The Bluff pub for food

Suitable for: Good wave sailors

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