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Tenerife Windsurf Solution Group Deal

There is nothing better than windsurfing with your best friends! At TWS we often hear that windsurfclubs and groups of friends would like to go on a surftrip but the organisation is always complicated. That is why we created a deal so that you can enjoy the wind and waves in Tenerife without having to worry about all the hassle of gear and accommodation. So gather your best friends, pick a week that suits you and book your trip!

The TWS Centre offers the newest slalom, freeride and wave gear to make sure that we always provide you with the perfect set. With over 90 different boards and more than 100 sails there is plenty of gear to sail together with your friends. We offer 8 sets of Fanatic and North slalom gear, so your whole club can race together on our slalom course. If the winds are too strong you can always switch to wave gear and enjoy the world class waves. You can check our slalom stages brochure for more information on the gear http://www.tws-windsurf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/slalom-stages-pdf-2017.pdf

El Medano
offers you three different spots with conditions that will suit everybody who knows how to waterstart and jibe. Right in front of the centre there is plenty of space for long reaches and nice bump and jump conditions when the wind is strong. After sailing upwind for two reaches you find the harbour wall where many people score their first waverides or practice their jumps. For the real wave junkies, the wavespot El Cabezo is just around the corner. This spot hosts the PWA wavetour every summer for the obvious reason that the waves are high and the wind is strong.

The weather in El Médano is perfect for a warm surftrip all year round. In winter the air temperature does not drop below 20 degrees, in fact the average day temperature is 24 degrees. And with more then 50% of the days with 4 bft or more you are guaranteed of nice windsurfing days. In case you do want to change things up for a day, there is always the possibility to rent a bike or take out one of our SUP- or surfboards.

The Deal is made easy for you: tell us when you are coming, we will sort out your accommodation and unique windsurf gear. Feel free to contact us for prices and availability.  Our centre is open all year round and the wind is good every month. During the months of April, May, June, September, October and November you will find great slalom conditions and non-crowded waves so a very good opportunity to come and visit us. Whether you come for slalom sailing or wave- and freeride sessions, we offer comfort for your group to make sure you will have the best windsurfing escape ever!   

Contact us now at [email protected] for more information and booking!



It takes about 3 to 5 hours to get to Tenerife from Europe. More and more airlines are flying on Tenerife, resulting in a bigger selection for you to choose from. Both low-cost carriers and regular airlines fly to Tenerife South Airport (TFS). El Médano and the TWS centre are located only a 10 minutes drive from the airport, which costs approximately € 15,- by taxi.

El Medano
Three things characterise El Médano; the regular trade winds that sweep the resort and act as a magnet for windsurfers; the endless natural golden sand beaches stretching over 3 kilometres and the seafront restaurants. Frequented by windsurfers, families and people looking for a relaxing holiday, El Médano’s atmosphere is laid back and friendly. Small restaurants scattered across El Medano offer traditional delicacies where the price for dinner ranges between € 10,- and € 15,- . The prices in the supermarkets are similar to central European prices and the supply is abundant.

http://apartmentsmedano.com/ offers several beautiful apartments all located in close proximity, ensuring the whole group can stay together. Once finding an apartment that suits your specifications do not hesitate to email [email protected] so we can arrange the rest for you. If you wish to book alternative accommodation, check out the following options.
Hotel: http://www.medano.es/en/ of https://www.hotelplayasurtenerife.com/
Hostel: http://casagrandehostel.com/es/ of http://www.lacalavera.es/

Weather and Wind
In the winter months the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees and in the summer you can enjoy temperatures of up to 30 degrees. The wind in Tenerife is constant all year round and on over 50% of the days you can expect 4bft. or more.

Which gear and brands are on offer?
Boards: Angulo, Fanatic, Goya, JP, RRD, NoveNove, Witchchraft, Tabou, Quatro, Starboard, Severne
Sails: Goya, North Sails, Flight Sails, GA, Severne, Ezzy, KA
Here you can check out all the gear we have currently got on offer: http://www.tws-windsurf.com/equipment-at-our-test-centre/
Take note that for this deal we have got complete slalom sets from North, Fanatic and fins from Select and Z-Fins.
What’s the price?
Check out the website for all prices http://www.tws-windsurf.com/pricing-windsurfing-teneriffa-el-medano/ . For Groupdeals do not hesitate to contact us via: [email protected]

Can I use both slalom and wave gear?
Yes, when you choose to rent slalom gear you can always change to wave and freeride gear when you feel like it. If you have reserved wave- and freeride gear there is a small surcharge for a day of slalom gear.

Own gear
TWS offers a gear storage in case you want to bring your own gear. However, we do recommend renting with us because we offer the latest gear from many different brands saving you a lot of hassle on the flights.

In El Médano there are lifeguards overlooking the beach every day, it goes without saying that we also take care of our clients to ensure that the sailing goes smoothly. In case of an accident we will take out our rescue boat to help you and provide assistance in coming back to shore if necessary. The TWS staff will also inform you about the different spots so that you know what to look out for.

So check out www.tws-windsurf.com for more information and booking or send an e-mail to [email protected] for prizes and inquiries.



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