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This flat sandy beach offers similar conditions to Brean with flat-water for beginners and wave sailing for more experienced sailors. The presents of the second largest tidal range means it’s not possible to sail here at low tide. The locals sail about two hours either side of high tide depending on how the sand banks shift around. The best winds are SW, but it works with any wind direction from the west. In the early to mid summer, a great sea breeze is created all up and down the coast as far as Minehead. This means that there only needs to be the predominant winds for that time of year of 5-10mph W-WNW winds forecast in the morning and by the afternoon it can be 5.0m weather on a regular bases. The wind then begins to die down in the late evening time as the temperature drops.

You can get some good wave sailing there as well, as the windier it gets the more windblown waves are created. Intermediates could find it a little difficult about the hour over high tide if it is windy and wavy as the waves can get very close together and more punchy. On a good day, there can be many sailors on the water as this beach is very popular with the locals. However, the size of the beach means that there is hardly ever any crowding. The only thing to be careful of are the groins spread out up and down the beach. These are easy to spot and avoid. As with all the beaches in the area it is dangerous to walk out into the mud at low tide. It is always best to ask the advise of one of the local sailors and if they get out of the water, it is best to follow them!

Based 5 minutes from and in between the beach and motorway is the local shop named Boardshop.co.uk. It is home to local boy-come-good Mark ‘Sparky’ Hosegood who grew up in Bristol and has been preaching the virtues of the areas windsurfing credentials for years. For info and advise about the area, there aren’t many more knowledgeable then him!

Parking: On the beach

Ideal Wind: SW is best but works well in everything with a bit of W in it

Accommodation: Hotels and B&B’s in Weston-Super-Mare

Amenities: Usual seaside town amenities

Suitable for: Everyone, depending on the conditions

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