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Westward Ho’s! is one of the most popular venues in the area but its biggest drawback is the pebble ridge on the beach, which the tide reaches at its highest. The road runs the full length of the beach though so you can pick the best launch point for the wind direction. Thought to be the best beach in a S or SW wind it’s still quite good in a NW, though Saunton is better. If you are staying on this side of the River Taw then it’s probably not worth driving through Barnstaple to get to Saunton though it might be in a NW.

Getting there: Head for the centre of Westward Ho! (A386 from Bideford and then B3236 at Northam) then take the beach road

Parking: Plenty of P&D parking next to the beach

Ideal Wind: S and SW

Accommodation: Westward Ho!

Amenities: Usual seaside amenities

Suitable for: Intermediates and above

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