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Known for its excellent Speed Trial conditions, in prevailing SW the wind sweeps over the Chesil pebble bank ] resulting in windy, smooth water close to the west shore. It’s smoothest in W but can be gusty close to Ferrybridge end of the Port. The area is enclosed and safe, although at low spring tides there are a few sandbanks. There are three main access points. The Ferry Bridge Boat Yard car park avoids having to cross the road with your kit. The Council car park on Chesil Beach has stacks of space and large grassy rigging areas over the road but involves dodging the traffic to get to the beach. The New Portland Sailing Academy is the latest state of the art watersports centre, which is where you will fond the Official Test Centre (OTC). Windtek shop (Tel: 01305 787900) is based on the A354 that approaches Portland Harbour. Portland Harbour is suitable in all wind directions; W is cross offshore, E on shore.

Getting there: Portland is on the A354

Parking: See above

Ideal Wind: SW, W

Accomodation: Plenty of B&B’s close to harbour, caravan and camping nearby

Amenities: Toilets, café’s at all three launch areas

Suitable for: All abilities


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