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Duotone has partnered with Waste2Wear to make all sail bags out of 100% recycled PET nylon. The base for this material are “fished” plastic bottles from Chinese fishermen.
An average size sail bag is made from 35 bottles.

“Our business is creating windsurfing products. It is what we love and we know how to do it well.  We have spent nearly four decades developing, designing and refining cutting-edge products by which we have influenced windsurfing more than any other sail manufacturer. Unfortunately, by creating the products we love, we are harming the very environment we need to practice our sport.  Windsurfing rigs and the processes necessary to create them are not environmentally friendly. At least as of today there are no eco-friendly substitutes existing offering the minimum requirements necessary to design modern Windsurfing sails. But especially as windsurfers, we feel connected to our oceans, lakes, and rivers and we see first-hand the damage we are doing to our planet.  We depend on our natural environment and, in turn, we believe it is our responsibility to protect it.

The most direct way out of this dilemma: MAKING LONGER LASTING PRODUCTS
A high-performance product that lasts longer and best case can even be put into additional use on the secondhand market is the best and only way to conserve the resources of our earth. Durability and longevity were and will ALWAYS be on top of our priority list. Our industry leading warranty extensions bear witness to this philosophy.

Since sustainability is the most important and pressing challenge of today’s mankind to secure a livable mother earth for future generations to come, we cannot simply stop here.

We feel it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can to save our playgrounds before it is too late. And we invite everyone to join us in this endeavour.”

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