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Whilst we like to take some credit for our individual riders winning World Titles, it is ultimately their hard work and dedication to the sport that has got them to that position. The equipment obviously plays an integral part in their success, but an individual World Title is just that, it is for the individual. When we win a Constructor’s Title it is a different feeling – the hard work of the entire team is celebrated. It is not about the performance of one individual, but of every single member of the team – the ones we shout about every day, and the ones who hide in the shadows. The designers, the testers, the engineers and the athletes – it’s a title for the whole team and perhaps to us it is the most important title of any to win!


For those of you that don’t know, the Constructor’s Title is an award given out by the PWA each season to the highest performing brand across all the disciplines. It signifies the exceptional and consistent World Class performance of our team riders and our equipment. It embodies our dedication to innovation, making sure every aspect of the equipment is perfect, across every discipline, to allow our riders to perform to their best. At DUOTONE, our core values have always been to deliver high-end technologies, unrivalled quality, unbridled passion, continuous improvement and a track record of competitive success. Whilst we can continue to make these statements, winning back-to-back Constructor’s Title once again demonstrates our commitment to these values. Our values are not just some words written on our website to make us sound good, but they are the true values driven into the core of every single member of Team DUOTONE.


Our success in 2021, comes from our work done in 2020. Our 2020 inspiration? Our constructor’s title of 2019 – hard work and dedication to developing world class products is nothing new at DUOTONE. When the World stopped in 2020, as a brand we continued to drive forwards with our development, and the passion and determination of our R&D team to overcome so many hurdles has shown through in this title. A huge credit has to go to our Chief Tester, Marco Lang, for making sure all our rigorous testing was completed, coordinating the all-important feedback from our riders and communicating this to our legendary Sail Designer in Maui, Kai Hopf.


This title is a direct result of this level of dedication and innovation. Whether it’s developing the racing machines with millimetre precision or maximising the comfort and stability on our freeride sails, we embody the same values across everything we do – only the best is acceptable! Aside from our incredible team riders, this title belongs to three key people: All three have gone above and beyond, not just this year but every year. Kai and Raoul have been working at Boards and More for over 25 years. Their drive, ethos and dedication to windsurfing is unrivalled. It is why we have been at the forefront of windsurfing, not just this year, but for so many years. We have the history and experience, yet the drive and the passion to continue to push forward with new innovations and we cannot thank them enough for this lifelong commitment to windsurfing!



“The PWA constructors champion title is the ultimate proof of how competitive our products are. But unlike the constructors title in formula one all our athletes are using “Off the shelf standard” products. This means that none our athletes use prototype products. So, the sails and hardware components are exactly the same as you’ll find in your shop. Also, the constructors title again shows that it’s not just about the best performing sails but the entity of all the rig components. In a way it’s a testament to our concept that on top of making peak performing sails we are also the brand that puts the most time and effort into the development of the other rig components like booms, mast, extensions and bases.”


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