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The Verdict

The Cross feels locked in, fast and usable on a wave that carries no real consequence. The Cross is naturally fast and easy to use – both on flatwater and bump and jump conditions. Placed on a wave, if you manage the speed of the Cross, commit to turns, and exaggerate your technique then the Cross will make the most out of even a sloppy wave.


The Lowdown

Angular shades of complementary blue are positioned on the deck of the Cross, with fresh white deck pads and contrasting black straps. The construction is visible under closer inspection, and the carbon Kevlar layup is discernible through the graphics and blue hues. The Cross features a fuller outline with volume distributed evenly along the centreline from nose to tail, which provides support to the rider through transitions, when off the plane, during turns or in challenging on/off conditions. Towards the tail, the width of the Cross extends all the way to the rear strap before tapering into a pin through a tail extension, which offers stability to the rider, while it also means it’s possible to setup the Cross with a double rear strap if you want to pair it with the other larger single rear fin, which is supplied with the board. Rolling over to the blue brushed carbon hull reveals a fast rocker line and hull shape, with its nose noticeably kicking up at the very tip. The fins are distinctly triangulated, suggesting a more locked-in and directional ride as the rider powers up the Cross. At first glance the Cross appears to be a board that will offer forgiveness and stability, while it should also possess the ability to carry and hold its speed.


Brand Claim

“From flatwater blasting to bump & jump to wave riding, the Cross is designed to excel in the widest range of conditions. Its reworked shape, redistributed volume, and three fin boxes result in an incredibly responsive ride with impressive speed and comfort.”



Up and off the beach, the Cross feels instantly stable. Its favourable volume distribution creates a very usable, stable, and directional platform. Not requiring huge input from the rider to generate forward motion, the Cross builds speed and slips onto the plane with ease as its early planing characteristics shine. The footstraps are easily found, and immediately the Cross feels fast. Regardless of the fin or footstrap configuration you choose to run, the Cross always remains locked in at the tail. Its impressively fast personality requires the rider’s attention, especially when blasting in more challenging conditions as you work your way through the chop. Despite its flatter rocker line, which makes it fast, its nose manages to avoid any unruly chop, which would otherwise hinder your speed or blind you with spray. Its wider tail outline around the straps helps carry you through the lulls, as well as assisting with carrying speed upon landing from catching some air time. Transitions are made comfortable with the volume and the speed it carries in the entry of both tacks and gybes. Due to its naturally speedy nature, the Cross likes to be commanded through the gybe, as well as enjoying a drawn-out radius. On a wave, this translates into the rider needing to ease off some of the power and let the board’s natural ability to carry itself shine through, so you don’t outrun the wave and potentially miss a critical section or a hit on a one-hit wonder. Arguably, you have to sail the Cross a little more tactically and play to its strengths to get the most out of it in classic onshore conditions. There is an ability to play the back foot to tighten up turns and then re-engage the fast and speedy character of the Cross. Capable of crossing over into different conditions, the Cross will deliver, especially if you are seeking speed and usability at the top of your wants list.






Price: £1963

Volume (Quoted): 94L

Length: 230cm

Width: 61cm

Bottom Shape: Single    Concave under nose blending into Vee Double Concave to Vee at Fins

Weight (Naked): 6kg

Fin: x1 MFC FW 22cm G10 + x2 FC TF 10cm RTM

Sail Range (Quoted): 4.0-6.8m

Sizes Available: 84, 94, 104, 114




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