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The Verdict

The GA Boost is incredibly stable and strong, while it really comes to life when well-powered. Handling excess power when conditions ramp up with absolute ease, its tuneable range and stable nature makes it a vital sail to have in your quiver. The Boost is versatile enough to cross over into waves and still perform – just give it a little extra juice.


The Lowdown

A brand-new sail to the GA lineup, the Boost is their dedicated Freewave Sail and the sibling of the Manic. Carrying a longer luff and boom length than the Manic, the Boost makes finding power even easier. The Boost is available in two colours – red and white – we were blessed with the white, which in real life is a very pure white, while the blue and orange detailing are a nice touch and really make the white bounce; it is bold, yet pleasing. A small window is placed at the back end of the main panel in monofilm, while the rest of the Boost, up and down the luff, is made of GA’s exclusive 2-Ply material, which is both lightweight and ultra-durable. Two continuous panels run the length of the luff to increase the Boost’s strength and load distribution. Sticking with load distribution, two black carbon radial tapes run from the clew, diagonally up the sail to distribute load and help keep stability as the sail twists in demanding conditions. At the clew, two eyelets sit to allow the rider to choose between more control or more power. Rigged, the Boost carries some fall away at the leech; nothing extreme, but if you add extra downhaul, it displays its tunability as it continues to fall away with consistency.


Brand Claim

“Introducing the brand-new BOOST: The ultimate blend of fun, control, durability, and lightness in a 5-batten setup! Catch waves, boost into huge jumps and experience the thrill of windsurfing like never before.”



Carrying a little more weight due to its well-built and robust makeup of materials, the Boost feels solid, like it’s ready for anything you choose to throw at it. Initially in the hands and off the plane, it feels a little larger than its quoted size as it has a longer luff and boom length than others on test. To match its robust feel, the Boost benefits from being well-powered and a little extra juice to truly bring it to life. Once up to speed, the Boost feels lovely – incredibly stable and it stands tall and proud as it delivers consistent power coming from up and forwards in the sail. This stable and stiff nature of the Boost is welcomed in bump and jump conditions, as the rig maintains its stature and power delivery without disturbing the rider’s stance or focus. Through the gusts, the Boost immediately turns extra power into speed with almost no input from the rider. With the Boost needing a little bit more juice to get going, some eagle-eyed vision is required to spot lulls where a slight alteration in sailing line will keep you powering through to the next gust. In the air while jumping, the stable nature allows you to focus on the landing, where the power coming from up and forward will tease you back onto the plane upon landing. Through transitions, and as long as the Boost is powered, the sail moves and rotates wonderfully. Given the opportunity to be moved through the hands on a wave, the Boost feels surprisingly at home here. Its wider boom length makes it easy for you to find power in the bottom turn, while it reacts quickly to a snappier top turn to still power you out and into the next section. Not made for super critical turns, or super manoeuvre-oriented sailing, the Boost will stay stable, strong, and happy in a variety of water states, as long as you provide it with the power it desires to excel.







Price: £869.00
Size: 5.8m
Luff: 439cm
Boom: 183cm
Battens: 5
Ideal Mast: RDM 430
Available Sizes: 3.3, 3.7, 4.2, 4.7, 5.3, 5.8









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