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The Verdict

Made for full power days on the water, the Purelip is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and place on a wave. Capable of handling gusty and full power conditions without sacrificing performance or feeling, the Purelip keeps you moving at pace, which opens the door to really let your riding shine.


The Lowdown

The Purelip brings a flash of colour to the beach, available in two colour ways, a bold green or fuchsia pink, the latter of which we were treated to for the test and the test team, and onlookers, certainly appreciated the fuchsia pink graphics. Rigged to its recommended settings, guided by the trim diamond on the top panel, the Purelip shows some fall away at the leech, while down into the belly of the sail, it rigs a little flatter, but shows plenty of room for flex in the luff tube, which will expand to form a nice draft once filled by the wind. Branded as their ‘Hardcore Wave’ sail, the Purelip is packed with features to help it deal with even the toughest of conditions. Completely covered in X-Ply for added durability, longevity, and stability, the foot and tack are reinforced ready for extreme days on the water. Meanwhile, the Purelip comes with two-clew eyelets, which enables some fine tuning – increasing both its wind range and control. Radiating out from the clew, two stabilising tendons assist with stabilising the profile of the Purelip. The Purelip also sports a high-visibility window, which extends above the main panel to ensure better visibility while riding – particularly in those critical moments when you are deep in the trough of wave or looking to perfectly time hitting an on coming section, which may be a small, but very welcome detail. The Purelip is a great looking sail that has clearly had a lot of design and thought put into it in order to deliver maximum stability and ultimate control.


Brand Claim

Stability in the upper wind range and ease of use are defining features of the Purelip. Sizes above 3.7m are constructed with a 5-batten layout, providing enhanced stability. Dual stabilising tendons extend from the clew across the centre panel, ensuring the maintenance of the profile and forward drive – even when hit by strong gusts.”



Straight off the bat and onto the board, the Purelip has exceptional handling. It’s light in the hands and allows you to place it exactly where you want. It never demands more from you than you choose to put into it. Once up and planing, the Purelip is incredibly stable, its leech fills and immediately does all of the tuning work for you. Its active leech constantly and consistently works to keep the Purelip balanced, stable, and powered, which allows you to maintain an efficient stance, while more importantly keeping your focus on the waves or picking your way back out through the lineup. The faster it goes, the better the Purelip feels and performs, and the same applies to transitions. Enter with speed, and the Purelip has a wonderful nature – going neutral and light in the hands – no matter whether you’re hopping around a critical, time-pressured tack or slicing the rig through a gybe. The Purelip is an effortless sail to move through the hands as long as you have speed. As a sail designed for control and stability, and set to the recommended settings the Purelip doesn’t particularly favour light or marginal conditions as it doesn’t produce much low-end grunt for the rider, but with some active tuning from the rider by easing the downhaul and outhaul the low end can be increased.  However, the Purelip truly excels in gusty or well-powered conditions, here it remains composed while carrying out the hard work for you, so you won’t ever find yourself rushing to change down. The Purelip remains stable and balanced throughout, while on a wave, the Purelip is easy to slide through the hands, which allows you to focus on the board and the pace of the wave, fostering an attacking approach from the rider as you line yourself up for every possible lip-smacking opportunity. Keep the Purelip fast and it will handle full-power bump-and-jump sessions or waves with utter ease.







Price: £689

Size: 5.7m

Luff: 446cm

Boom: 172-181cm

Battens: 5

Ideal Mast: 430

Available sizes: 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7, 6.2












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