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The Verdict

The Re-Torro naturally instils the rider with the confidence to manage a range of conditions thanks to its easy tune-ability. The Re-Torro offers gentle and stable power delivery, while it remains well-balanced throughout, and in more challenging conditions, it tends to do a lot of the handwork for you, which puts the rider at ease, both on the water and in their soul, knowing that they have done their bit for the environment as the Re-Torro is made from recycled materials.


The Lowdown

GUNSAILS are leading the charge with the Re-Torro as it is made from 75% recycled polyester film obtained from recycled PET bottles. This approach helps saving on material production and encourages the recycling of current materials. In terms of design, features, and performance, the Re-Torro is identical to the Torro. At rest, the Re-Torro rigs with a loose leech, falling away consistently, while the trim guide on the top panel provides a clear setting for the downhaul. Moving down into the belly of the sail, it sits quite flat, but with a substantial amount of batten overlap on the mast, it fills substantially when filled with breeze. In sizes 5.7m and above, the Re-Torro profile is geared more towards propulsion, equipping these sizes with more freeriding power. This doesn’t mean they can’t be used in bump and jump, or marginal wave sailing conditions, as they still carry some of the compact looseness of the smaller sizes (5.3m downwards). With the goal of maintaining a consistent feel across the entire range of sizes, the Re-Torro holds a consistent 5-batten outline. The Re-Torro feels well-made and well-balanced, while the recycled materials used in the design and construction haven’t, upon first glance and rigging, impacted the shape or overall quality of the sail.


Brand Claim

“Relaxed freeriding, freestyle moves or some wave riding? The answer is always the freemove sail TORRO. The all-rounder among our sails, it impresses with early planing, perfect manoeuvre handling and top speed. With its unbeatable versatility, wide range of use and broad wind range, the TORRO embodies the ultimate all-round sail.”



Filled with breeze and sheeted in, the once flat belly of the sail grows and deepens, creating a very easy-to-use, smooth, and positive force, that once directed through the board, gets you up to speed with ease. Once planing, the Re-Torro is perfectly balanced in the hands, with the effort in the sail level with the rider. With a natural tuning ability, it does a lot of the work for you and it was actually difficult to feel overpowered as the sail breathes for you, naturally tuning and twisting to take away the sting of any gust you sail through. This fantastic characteristic transforms conditions that would otherwise be classified as rather zesty 5.7m weather, into very manageable and enjoyable conditions as the power remains exceptionally stable. Through the lulls, the Re-Torro does lose some of its belly, as expected, but a change of sailing line paired with some input from the back hand helps carry you through. Gybing the Re-Torro is a smooth and gentle process with the Re-Torro’s stability instilling confidence into the rider as you are not being pulled off balance on either the entry or exit. In the air, the Re-Torro feels just like it does on the water – gentle and manageable – not pulling you into anything you don’t want to be pulled into. Pushing the Re-Torro’s limits in some waves, its soft, smooth delivery encourages a riding style to match. The Re-Torro isn’t going to sit you super tight in the pocket, or manoeuvre you aggressively up the face, but it will allow you to place a couple of turns on a wave face. The Re-Torro a real chameleon in the lineup that will adapt, but remain true to its character.







Price: €575
Size: 5.7m
Luff: 442cm
Boom: 177cm
Battens: 5
Ideal Mast: GUNSAILS Select RDM 430
Available Sizes: 4.0, 4.3, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9










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