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The Verdict

Goya’s Airbolt is a board that will turn any location into a foiling playground. Adaptable to a range of foiling disciplines, the Airbolt produces a fun and flow-like feeling on the foil, inspiring riders to expand their foiling abilities.

The Lowdown

On test here, we have the Goya Airbolt carbon, a cutting-edge foil board designed to cater to all foil enthusiasts, be it Wind, Wing or SUP. The Airbolt is a versatile and compact foil board produced in a carbon construction and finished in a bright blue and fluro yellow colourway. What makes foiling so incredible is the freedom to explore and enjoy epic sessions, and this board is designed to have you covered for all.

The Airbolt’s design boasts enhanced concaves and rail bevels from the tip to the mid-section, ensuring optimal rebound when the board inevitably touches down. In the rear, the board takes inspiration from Goya’s racing boards, featuring a race-like rocker line and planing surface.

The Airbolt Carbon has a full deck pad, handle, and double-track foil inserts, as well as a deep Tuttle box, making it a fantastic crossover board. The slightly increased weight from the larger pad and handle is compensated for by its carbon construction.

The Airbolt’s varying sizes cater to a range of skill levels and styles, with the Airbolt available in five sizes from 90 to 155 litres. The longer, wider boards provide stability and easy take-offs in lighter winds, while the smaller sizes deliver manoeuvrability and responsiveness for advanced riders. The Airbolt also boasts multiple footstrap inserts, making it simple to customise the setup for any level of rider or discipline, be it a sail, wing, or sup foiling. Additionally, the Airbolt has both a track and deep tuttle box, making it compatible with a variety of foils.

Brand Claim

“One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. What we love most about foiling is all the places we now can have epic sessions at.”


Step foot on the Airbolt, and you will instantly notice the comfort the full deck pad provides when uphauling and getting going. One of the standout features of the Goya Airbolt is its easy-to-carry handle, making transporting the board down to the beach a breeze. Additionally, the double-track system allows you to adjust the foil position to suit your riding style effortlessly. Set the foil further back for a locked-in feel, or move it forward for a looser, more playful ride. And the option of the Tuttle box option further adds adaptability.

At rest, the board has ample volume to carry bigger sails; however, we really enjoyed the playful nature of smaller sails on this board. Once in flight, the Airbolt feels stable yet compact, offering the perfect blend of control and manoeuvrability.

As you move through the gybe, the padded deck provides comfort during foot changes, giving you the confidence to move around the board with ease, with plenty of room for the clumsy footed among us. For those looking to add a new challenge to their windsurfing, the Airbolt is also fun to sail strapless. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Goya Airbolt is its exceptional ability to maintain flow when touching down on the water. With no sticky feelings, the board quickly pops back up onto the foil as the bevelled rails get to work, allowing you to continue your ride uninterrupted.

In conclusion, the Goya Airbolt is a game-changer for riders looking for one foil board that covers everything. Its user-friendly design, and customisable setup, make it the ultimate watersports companion.




Vital Stats

Price: £2049.00

Volume (Quoted): 135L.

Length: 214 cm

Width: 71 cm

Bottom shape: Deep concave that runs to bevelled rails through the mid section before meeting a fast rocker line at the board’s tail.

Weight (‘Naked’): 9.4 kg

Foil Fixture Type: Plate + Deep Tuttle Foil

Sail Range: < 9.0 m

Sizes Available: 90, 105, 120, 135, 155.


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