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We asked Kevin Pritchard what he has on his Bucket List which got him thinking that everything he wanted was right there in-front of him in Maui due to the Corona crises.  

Photos: Kevin Pritchard and PWA/Carter

KP: So, I have been thinking about the bucket list and as I get older and older, with more traveling and world titles than I could ever imagine, the bucket lists become harder and harder to pick something.

Sure, I could go ride another wave, another break, but hmm… has the novelty worn off?

The one thing about this it really has not worn off. The addiction to find that perfect glassy wave with a little bit of wind plays on my mind. Luckily for me, the Covid quarantine we have been allowed to enjoy the ocean and man what a treat it has been here on Maui.

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the early 80’s pulling up to Ho’okipa and not seeing another windsurfer. Looking around for your friends to see if they are going to show up… Well this year we went ‘back to the future’ and man was it amazing. Covid 19 hit, and everything shut down. Despite the worlds turmoil, deaths, job losses, I have to say on Maui, in our little bubble, it has been amazing.

Empty line ups, no tourists, 10 to 12 guys out, right in your own backyard.

No long, dusty, dirt roads, no 18 hour flights to the end of the world, just open up your garage and head down to the most hyped up wave in the world and get to windsurf with 10 of your mates. Driving to Paia to find a parking spot, no problem! Restaurants  closed, windsurfing rentals not existing, no photoshoots happening, parking for days at Ho’okipa. Some would say its a bad dream, others say its the dream of a lifetime.

What a dream. I do not think that this has happened for 30 years or more. All the streets are empty, there are 14,000 rental cars parked up at the airport and there are very few flights coming into Maui right now!

I am so thankful to be here on Maui and able to enjoy Maui in a time where it has travelled back so far. Obviously I hope things will get back to normal soon for the sake of the economy and the terrible situation with this virus but for now on Maui we are lucky to enjoy this ride back to the future!

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