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The Lowdown
Procenter Prasonisi is located on the southern tip of Rhodes, with wind statistics that are second to none in Europe. Its name stems from the small island just off the mainland. This local topography gives the NW Meltemi winds a boost; therefore Prasonisi will usually have a force stronger than elsewhere on the island.  


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Conditions and when to go
Blasting flat water conditions and freestyle heaven on the cross-offshore side and small waves to bump and jump wave conditions on the onshore side. The windsurfing season is May to the end of October, with the strongest winds in June/July/August with an average of force 5-6 Beaufort.  

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Local spots
Prasonisi has two beaches divided by a sandbar. The side-offshore flat water beach is the perfect playground for beginners, speed lovers and freestylers and wingfoilers. The cross-onshore beach can get waves from waist to mast high.

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About the centre
The Procenter C Kirschner is equipped with brand new 2024 high-tech equipment from JP Australia and NeilPryde both for windsurfing and wing foiling. Also professional video coaching with GoPros and drones is available at the centre. Almost all boards come with a foil option. Procenter C Kirschner also offers a wide range of wing surf equipment plus video coaching with GoPros and drones. Top tip: chill out on the center’s roof terrace with a stunning view over the flat water beach! 

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Where to stay
There are 3 hotels with clean and comfortable rooms partly equipped with a pool .If you don’t mind a 15-20 minute drive there are also some luxury resorts nearby.  


Contact details: 
Website: www.prasonisi.com
Email: [email protected]
Tel. / WhatsApp: +43 69919083960




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