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The Verdict

Despite feeling a little smaller than quoted the Pyro planed early and had outstanding jumping potential. Drive this board and it will open up a more radical style of wave riding whilst it also has the option of drawing out turns. At the top of the wave, however, snappier turns were second nature.

The Lowdown

Philip Köster’s need for speed is well known amongst the windsurfing community, and his input on this board is evident in some of its key features. The rocker profile of this board is relatively flat, and with a clear single concave that flows into a vee right at the board’s tail combined with a very slight tail kick, it’s unmistakable that speed was a primary focus for this board’s design.

The focus on speed however, has not taken away from the Pyro’s versatility. Whilst Köster is one of the few riders still using a twin fin setup, the Pyro comes with three different fin configurations. Severne says the “Twin fin setup offers the loosest feel to make the board fun and manoeuvrable. Thruster is the go-to option for high speeds to deal with strong currents and gusty conditions, and Quad offers the most stability and grip.” The board also has five slot boxes allowing the rider to tune the fin setup to best suit the conditions. And to ensure changes are slick and easy to make, the fins are fitted with the Severne Hex 4 system, meaning only one tool is needed for all fittings, including the footstraps.

Aggressive in its aesthetics with decisive black and white colours on the deck and Severne’s signature bold red underneath, the Pyro is sure to catch the lens of any photographer witnessing the rocket potential of this board.

Brand Claim

“Speed rules. The faster you go, the higher you go. Specifically designed as a launch vehicle to propel Köster into the stratosphere, the Pyro prioritizes speed and power. Own the air.”


Tested in its quad setup, the Pyro’s primary areas of feedback were stability and grip as it drove power through top and bottom turns. Through the bottom turns in particular, the Pyro carried speed well, allowing the rider to choose whether to draw turns out or dig in and reduce the radius. Due to the minimal distance between fins, the board provided ample turning ability even when the wind was light and power in the rig was low, allowing the rider to produce some snappier turns and maintain good wave positioning.

The purpose of the board’s bottom shape was clear. As the Pyro generated speed, the lift offered from underneath the board encouraged the rider to adopt a more upright stance, making for easy transitions and fast sailing. Once the breeze picked up, the Pyro came alive. The additional power was delivered well into the board, allowing the rider to drive hard through bottom turns while the Pyro supplied even more grip.

On the way out, the board’s speed is an immense resource when trying to cruise over broken water or take the Pyro into the stratosphere. Fast and controlled, the board navigates messy water well and can quickly get you back upwind in the lineup. These qualities allow the rider to pick the best waves of the day and make it back for the next set. As for the Pyro’s jumping ability, the board takes off like a rocket! As it charges towards waves at fast speeds whilst delivering steady control, the rider is given the tools necessary to produce some epic aerial manoeuvres.




Vital Stats

Price: £2199.00

Volume: 83 litres

Length: 219 cm

Width: 58 cm

1ft off: 39.8 cm

Bottom shape: A clear single concave that runs almost the full length of the board before it flows into a Vee right under the back fins to the board’s tail.

Weight (‘Naked’): 6.2 kg

Fin: Severne (slot) 2 x 140 + 2 x 110

Sail Range (Quoted): 4.0 – 5.3

Sizes Available: 62, 68, 74, 79, 83, 87, 93, 99, 105.




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