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The Verdict

Starboard have produced something new and exciting for the 2023 season. The Ultra feels unbelievably light and playful which produces a fun and agile ride. This board is certain to open up some new dimensions in both your wave riding and aerial performance.

The Lowdown

For the 2023 season, Starboard has released an all-new wave board lineup, including the Hyper and the Ultra. And on test this year, we have the Ultra, a new design concept by Starboard’s head designer, Rémi Vila, which comprises seven sizes from 65 to 100, ensuring plenty of options for a diverse range of conditions and riders of different sizes.

The most notable metric of the Ultra is its weight, weighing in at a stunning 5.88 kg, making it the lightest board in the test lineup this year. Starboard has achieved this with its flagship carbon reflex sandwich construction, which is said to have some of the lowest warranty rates in the industry. A cheaper wood sandwich construction is also available. Provided exclusively in a thruster setup, the board features two lightweight ‘Star’ boxes and one US box, reducing swing weight at the tail.

Starboard has designed this board with some distinct features, including a fast rocker line, which includes a strong scoop at the nose, and a very narrow outline with a large proportion of its volume in the middle and a pointed nose at the front. The board’s bottom shape incorporates a mono concave at the nose that feeds into a double concave at the shoulders before integrating into a vee at the tail.

The Ultra is supplied with Drake footstraps made from Yulex foam and smooth fabric that sit above 10 mm thick footpads with a diamond groove pattern, integrating a kick pad into the rear footpad.

Brand Claim

“A completely reimagined wave range from 78 to 100 litres, this totally new design concept by Remi Vila notably improves wave riding without performance or planing compromise. Inviting riders of any level to turn more over the front foot, while maintaining speed and enjoying an adaptable radius throughout bottom and top turn. Ultra light, yet strong and sturdy with countless of hours of heavy duty testing. You will love it!”


Despite its narrow outline, the Ultra carries weight well due to the volume distribution in the centre of the board. The narrow outline and fast rocker ensure the board tracks well both on and off the plane and punches through broken water with ease, as the scooped and pointed nose encourages the board over the wave. As power is delivered, the board releases with little persuasion, allowing even the heaviest riders in the test team to feel at home on the 86.

The board’s weight underfoot becomes clear when getting small air between sections on choppy days. The light weight allows the rider to have complete control over the board’s direction whilst in the air, which assists in maintaining speed for the next big jump. The same can be said for the larger aerial moves, with the board feeling almost invisible due to its minimal swing weight allowing the rider to focus on rig and body position. On landing, the narrow outline and reduced volume at the tail are a welcome asset providing a soft impact, leaving your ankles and knees ready to send it even higher on the next ramp.

On the wave, the Ultra is exceptionally agile, making it easy to adapt the radius of both top and bottom turns. The board begs the rider to drive through the turns, which produces some epic spray at the top of the wave. When the sea state is violent and choppy, committing into the turn in an assertive manner becomes paramount; any less and the board’s light corky nature provides the opportunity for it to bounce or skip out of the turn. On lighter days, the Ultra reacts to the slightest input making tighter, snappier turns easy, giving the rider the option to ride closer to the wave.






Price: £2449.00

Volume (Quoted): 86 litres

Length: 223 cm

Width: 58.5 cm

1ft off: 38.5 cm

Bottom shape: Vee double concave to double concave in mono concave

Weight (‘Naked’): 5.88 kg

Fins: Drake Stone Surf 1 x 19 cm (US) + 2 x 11 cm (Star)

Sail Range (Quoted): 3.5 – 5.5 m

Sizes Available: 65, 72, 78, 82, 86, 93, 100.




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