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JC Severne Pyro V2 82





The Verdict

Attractive with a standout look and Severne’s attention to detail. The Pyro thrives on full power days, delivering a fast, locked-in ride that is poised for your next manoeuvre, transition or wave… as long as you supply it with what it loves… power!


The Lowdown

As one of the lightest boards in the test, it feels light in the hands, while it instantly catches your eye in person with sharp and crisp graphics in a classy deep red with jet-black deck pads. As mentioned before the Pyro V2 was visually one of the best looking boards in the line up. It is set up and supplied as a quad, while the fins are positioned at the very rear of the board, aiming to provide a locked-in and directional ride. With five slot boxes, you have the option to configure the board to suit your style and the conditions. At 58cm wide, the width extends both down into the hips and up into the shoulders of the board into a considerable amount of kick in the nose, with the hope of preventing the nose from burying during radical aggressive turns or on steep faces. On the underside, a single concave transitions into a vee through the tail, claiming to make this board fast and agile in turns when the vee in the tail comes into play. At first glance, the Pyro exudes playfulness and full power performance, while still remaining easy to use.


Brand Claim

“Designed in collaboration with 5-time world champion Philip Köster, the PYRO will ignite your fire. It’s fast, it’s powerful and it’s versatile. Sail it like Köster with twin fins for playful looseness.”



Planing early with plenty of ease, the Pyro loves power, supply it and the Pyro will accelerate you off the beach at the speed of Mach 1 with minimal effort as the single concave on the underside gets to work. The back strap is incredibly easy to find, presenting itself to you at the exact moment you need it, which gives you the time and the head space to keep your attention looking forward. With your feet in the straps and the rider driving through the board, this board is fast, getting up to top speed in an instant. Underfoot it feels light and lively, but still very planted – especially in the tail, which gives you the confidence to boost through the whitewater and find the path of least resistance. Blasting out its planted, yet playful, almost a skate-like feel, which encourages you to throw it into aerials and push your own riding capabilities.

The Pyro wants to be played with – carving beautifully, it really bites through the turn, but don’t let the power off, the Pyro loves to be ridden with the hammer down to get the most out of it. On its way back out it remains fast and points well upwind getting you back into position for the next ride. It would be an insane board for Pozo, Cabezo, or any of those full power spots or days where power is not an issue, but control is, something the Pyro offers in abundance. It craves drive and rider input to really make the most of its capabilities, while it is an incredibly fun board to sail and one of our favourites in the category.





Price: £2199

Volume (Quoted): 83l

Length: 219cm

Width: 58cm

Bottom Shape: Single Concave throughout into a vee in the tail

Weight (Naked): 6.10kg

Fin: x2 110mm + x2 140mm

Sail Range (Quoted): 4.0m-5.3m

Sizes Available: 56*, 62*, 68*, 74, 79, 83, 87, 93, 99, 105, 113

*Custom pre-order only



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