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In sharp contrast to many other Devon villages, Sidmouth is a resort rich in Georgian and Victorian architecture and soaring cliffs. The best wind is SW and the best launch point is at the west end of the beach with the break water giving some shelter. S is dead onshore and difficult to launch in unless it’s low tide, again the west end of the beach is best. SE gives reasonable waves but launch from the east end of the beach preferably two hours either side of low tides. Winds with a N bias are offshore and because the cliffs and buildings shelter the bay, it’s impossible to know the wind strength 100m from shore. Sidmouth is a relatively safe location most of the time; there are no dangerous currents although the shore break can be vicious at high tide. There are two rock groynes projecting 50m out from the beach, 150m apart which create strong rip currents but only during spring tides.

Getting there: Off A3052 from Exeter / A375 from Honiton

Parking: Pay & Display parking nearby

Ideal Wind: SW

Amenities: Toilets, Café and shops close to beach

Suitable for: Intermediate and above

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