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FRESH 5.0’s: The test team hit the surf with some of the freshest five-metre wave sails out there! NB: The Neil Pryde Combat 5.0 was added as a catch up test in our June 2023 edition and the Point 7 Spy 5.0 was featured in our July 2023 edition.

Editor: Rob York // Second Testers: Scotty Stallman, Tris Best. // Test Locations: Overcombe, Kimmeridge. // Photos: Ollie Rogers


All brands this year have looked extensively at improving their sail’s durability with innovative ways to maintain shape, strengthen high-impact panels and minimise general wear and tear. This means that riders can have confidence in brands during the current climate to produce sails that will maintain their integrity. There have been some extreme steps forward in material design, with brands finding ways to save weight at the same time as improving strength, all the while keeping a close eye on how the material compliments the shape of the sail. These intelligent materials are becoming ever more apparent, and as you read on, you will learn about the many options there are in the industry at present.

On test, we have a number of sails with a huge range in their intended sweet spots and the majority of new sails on the market perform in a vast range of conditions. As we dive into the specifics, you will see qualities such as the sail’s ability to handle a range of wind, the position of the sail’s draft and its best-suited conditions, along with a variety of other metrics.


The GA Sails Manic is a quality 4-batten sail that provides a real plug-and-play feel, needing minimal rider input to maintain good positioning. Very similar in feel was the Severne S-1, an extremely light sail that seems to feather itself as the wind changes in strength. This sail was a real all-rounder and excelled in manoeuvres. The sleek design of the RRD Vogue translated to a smooth ride on the water when powered and an extra bit of spring when the wind was light. Long-anticipated in its arrival, the North Windsurfing X-Over impressed instantly with its ability to up your wave sailing level. It has power in all the right places, making onshore wave riding smoother and easier than ever. With its Hawaiian design, the bombproof Naish Force 4 is an exceptional down-the-line machine that allows the rider to dig deep and carve hard. Ideal for control in stronger winds, the Loftsails Purelip has some amazing flow on the wave and a little tuning broadens its range significantly. The Gunsails Seal is one of the best value for money sails on the market. It’s a very user-friendly sail that maintains performance whilst keeping the price low. Two of the sails in the lineup that pack the biggest punch are the Goya Eclipse and Duotone Super_Hero. Both have an incredibly connected feel that produce immense amounts of drive on the wave. Finally the Simmer Style Blacktip is the sail for aerial rotations and snappy turns. Position it well and it will deliver some incredible bursts of power to assist your movements in all directions.


Duotone Super_Hero 5.0

GA Manic 5.0

Goya Eclipse 5.0

Gunsails Seal 5.0

Loftsails Purelip 5.2

Naish Force 4 5.0

North Windsurfing X-Over 5.0

RRD Vogue HD 5.0

Severne S-1 5.0

Simmer Style Blacktip 5.0

Neil Pryde Combat Pro 5.0

Point 7 Spy 5.0



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