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The verdict

A high wind machine made for maximum acceleration; the Purelip is a beautiful bit of craftsmanship with accessional abilities at the top of its wind range.

The lowdown

Loftsails Purelip is the brand’s “hardcore wave” sail. The brand’s focus with this sail is stability and improved wind range, which becomes clear as we dive into some of the Purelips vital features. There is no doubt that the Purelip is designed for high winds and high speeds. The sail boasts a substantial amount of luff curve and a high aspect ratio design. These qualities will surely make any rider sail fast when the wind is up. The leech outline has also been extended at the third batten with the intention of a “smoother and more reactive power release during wave riding transitions”.

The Purelip sees reinforced areas in many sections of the sail with triple reinforcements at the foot, leech and luff, as well as two stabilising tendons that reach across the sail. A standout feature of the Purelip is that it is compatible with both SDM and RDM masts, making it an accessible choice for anyone looking for an upgrade. Once rigged, the Purelip sits relatively flat with the battens pulling away from the mast. The leech of the sail falls away progressively and with the added trim diamond feature, tuning the sail to the correct settings is simple and easy. The sail also features a fully opening mast pocket, another helpful asset when adjusting or rigging the sail.

Brand Claim

“The Purelip is pure wave performance: impressive stability with enormous wind range.”


Whilst flat at rest, the Purelip has a little play in the luff sleeve, which helps to provide a little depth in the rig once the sail is powered. Due to its high aspect ratio, the Purelip is very ‘pumpable’, especially in the harness, where a little work with the back hand assists the board onto the plane. The centre of effort in the sail feels extremely clear once at speed, making it easy to transport the power down through the board, and with every gust, the sail gains speed incredibly, making for easy transitions through pressure. Additionally, the luff curve and active leach provide an incredible platform for receiving strong gusts. Where the rider would usually have to work hard to maintain good trim, the Purelip seems to do the work on its own, allowing the rider to focus on driving the board hard to squeeze every ounce of acceleration out of the wind.

On the wave, the Purelip does its best work at speed. Drive down the wave fast, and the sail becomes very light in the hands, giving the rider more confidence to push. The same can be said through the transitions where the sail moves well, feeling neutral whilst the kit is at speed. Again, one of the biggest strengths of this sail is its ability to manage unstable winds. Even on the wave, the Purelip’s high cut foot and steadfast stability allow the rider to navigate the most erratic of conditions.

It is clear why Loftsails see the Purelip as one of their rangier sails. Whilst it may not be the top performer in the early planing category, the Purelip will certainly not have you coming in to change down early. Its superpower is no doubt its ability to deal with high winds with stability and acceleration.



Price: £699

Size: 5.2

Luff: 422 cm

Boom: 174 cm

Battens: 5

Ideal Mast: Loftsails Team Edition C100 RDM

Available Sizes: 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7, 6.2.


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