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The verdict

Slick in design and smooth on the water, like much of RRD’s kit, this sail offers the ability to sail with a variety of riding styles.

The lowdown

RRD’s Vogue HD is advertised as the “ultimate sail for control when the conditions get extreme”. Targeted at advanced riders, the Vogue comes in a huge range of sizes with a whopping fourteen sails spanning from 2.1 to 5.9. Measured as one of the highest aspect sails on test, it is clear that the Vogue is produced for high winds and high speed. For the Y28 model, RRD has introduced several new features to the Vogue, including a lower clew position to open the leach and improve control, along with increased shaping to increase power subtly. Whilst produced for strong winds, the Vogue maintains some qualities to enhance drive and reactivity. A relatively wider head at the top of the sail is supported by close batten spacing to foster a touch more drive, whilst at the bottom of the sail, the batten spacing is set further apart to maintain the sail’s ability to react.

Made with 100% x-ply, the Vogue possesses an x-ply window with wider-spaced yarn for increased visibility. One of the common concerns with wider-spaced battens in the powered section of the sail is the potential for stretch in the monofilm. To quell this concern, RRD has inserted a stretch control seam through the window of the sail to ensure the monofilm remains robust and holds its profile. A welcome tuning guide is present at the top of the sail on RRD’s Vogue, a handy addition to help make tuning easy and straightforward.

Overall the Vogue looks slick and professional with RRD’s flagship black and orange colourway. The sail is certainly a stylish addition to the test lineup, displaying a clean look that is unmistakably RRD.

Brand Claim

“The Vogue is the sail for ripping in the waves and handling the toughest high wind conditions.”


Rigged on RRD’s Black Ribbon RDM mast and tuned to where the brand’s Integrated Trim System recommends, the Vogue sets relatively flat, mainly upwards of the boom, whilst displaying some progressive twist in the upper panels. With the winds in our favour, we had the opportunity to test the Vogue in various conditions. Set up on the bottom clew eyelet for stronger winds, the sail produces slightly more twist, assuring the Vogue’s stability, allowing the rider to lock in comfortably, even in blustery conditions. Set on the higher clew eyelet for marginal conditions, the sail develops a little more spring to it, making it more effective when pumped.

Once planing, the Vogue sits comfortably in an upright position, never suggesting to the rider to pull the rig over them. A quality that was welcome in gusty conditions where an upright rig produces a smoother transition. Whilst sailing, the Vogue’s draft feels high and forward and, despite its longer luff, feels very light and manageable in the hands, a distinct asset through manoeuvres.

On the wave, it offers both drive and neutrality when you need it, as you head down the line or transition from rail to rail. On the top turns however, the spring in the sail provides valuable direction that assists the rider in altering turn radius and body position.



Price: £814

Size: 5.0

Luff: 412 cm

Boom: 160/165 cm

Battens: 4

Ideal Mast: RRD BLKRBN RDM 400

Available Sizes: 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.6, 5.9.


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