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The verdict

Duotone Super_Hero certainly provides the drive along with an unquestionably neutral feel. Smooth through the transitions and powerful when required, this sail will have any rider piecing together some beautiful lines.

The lowdown

Draft-centred for any conditions and rider weight, Duotone’s Super_Hero has seen only a visual facelift for the 2023 season, whilst it remains technically unchanged. Hailed as one of the most neutral wave sails on the market, each of the Super_Hero sails carries individually defined visual indicators for the correct outhaul extension.

Whilst not the lightest of sails on test, Duotone’s “Light done right” construction boasts an impressive 200 to 300-gram reduction in weight from previous models, without jeopardising the durability of the sail. The main panels of the sail have maintained their thickness, ensuring that it is still strong in the vital areas. In addition, the sail possesses some crucial reinforcement patches made with high strength and high modulus fibres, making the sail bombproof in big conditions.

Unlike many brands, Duotone does not use Dacron in its luff panels. Whilst there is a consensus that injecting elasticity into a wave sail is essential, Duotone has chosen to implement a non-stretchy X-ply in the luff panel and instead focus on implementing elasticity through other measures, such as a one-piece mast sleeve. This eliminates any hard spots at the leading edge usually brought on by material overlap, reinforcement and seams. One of the most welcome features of the Duotone sails is their in-house batten tensioning. All sails come pre-tensioned in the factory to ensure that each batten has the required tension.

Brand Claim

“Look no further – the wave sail for any condition and rider weight. The centred draft position makes the Super_Hero the most neutral wave sail out there.”


The low and centred draft of Duotone’s Super_Hero becomes apparent instantly. Step on the board, and you will immediately feel the power directed in the sail without a hint of twitch in the rig. As the kit accelerates, the sail has a real sense of connection with the wind without an ounce of instability, and whilst the acceleration speed is modest, the stability provided by this quality is immense. The Super_Hero boasts a tight mid leech that connects tension in the bottom of the sail through to the top. As a result, the whole sail feels like it is working in unison with buckets of leverage and drive to be used. Once at speed, the sail’s feedback is delivered right between the rider’s hands, making it simple to settle in and prepare for the next manoeuvre.

On the wave, the Super_Hero is punchy and responsive. With the sail feeling as if it is always connected with the wind, turning on the wave feels stable, and with the Super_Hero’s driven nature, it is a simple task to punch around the top turns with pace. While there are plenty of opportunities to get the sail feeling neutral through the transition, the magic happens when trying to get that little extra at the top of the wave. Position the rig well whilst countering with body weight, and the rider is rewarded with the ability to produce buckets of spray.



Price: £769

Size: 5.0

Luff: 411 cm

Boom: 168 cm

Battens: 4

Ideal Mast: Duotone Platinum Series Aero 3.0 RDM

Available Sizes: 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7.


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