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The Lowdown 
Tarifa became popular with European windsurfers in the early 90s. Thanks to its location, Tarifa, is blessed by sun and winds more than Force 4, on almost 300-days-a-year, making it one of the best destinations in the world for windsurfing and wing-foiling. It is a mecca for all watersports enthusiasts. 

Conditions & When To Go 
The Levante (east wind) prevails during the spring/summer. The Levante offers port tack conditions and when it settles down the afternoon thermal kicks in offering ideal conditions for all levels, making ION CLUB Tarifa the ultimate spot to enjoy this effect. 

Local Spots
The ION CLUB Tarifa Centre is situated in front of the beautiful sandy beach of Valdevaqueros, not only is this the windiest spot in the area, but it is also close to a huge sand dune, encapsulated with lush vegetation.    

About The Centre
ION CLUB Tarifa is a kitesurfing, windsurfing and wing-foiling centre, where all three activities are taught with ease as the shape of the bay makes it a safe and reassuring spot to learn – no matter your level of riding. We can also organise boat assisted lessons and excursions for wing-foil and there is a lagoon for kids to start learning windsurfing and wing-foiling.  

Where To Stay
Close to the spot, you can stay at Cuatro molinos, Cortijo las Piñas or Camping Valdevaqueros. If you want to stay in town, then we recommend La Residencia and Tarifa Lances. 

Contact Details 

Website:  https://www.ion-club.net/tarifa/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone:  +34 619 340 913 



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