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The Verdict

The Tabou 3S Plus 96l is quick to plane allowing you to burst through messy waters while feeling planted, balanced, and locked in through choppy waters, which provides the rider with control and comfort while showing real ability in waves. The 3S Plus carries a very accessible personality that will carry the rider into plenty of turns and jumps or as many maneuvers as they dare.

The Lowdown

Depending on the angle from which you view the 3S Plus, it will greatly determine the type of board you perceive. When observed from above, its appealing outline immediately signals that it’s a comfortable board, likely to instill confidence in the rider, with wider shoulders and hips akin to those of a freeride board. However, when inspecting the board from either the nose or tail, it reveals key features that provide the rider with performance in conditions not suited to a generic freeride board. The upturned nose and pulled-in tail from the rear footstrap hint at a bit of wave board pedigree. The deck of the board is comfortable, well-padded, and adorned with bright orange deck pads which complement the multiple shades of blue. The deck is notably domed beneath the rear footstrap, enhancing comfort and control while providing a direct feel as you engage the thinned-out rails in the tail. The 3S Plus offers plenty of footstrap options, allowing riders to tune and adapt to various conditions, while the single rear strap is well-suited for the provided thruster setup. Turning attention to the underside, a vee double concave runs the length of the 3S Plus, and a flatter tail rocker provides a more efficient planing surface and greater acceleration. The 3S Plus is available in two constructions: the more economically priced, marginally heavier LTD construction, and its premium TEAM construction, featuring ultra-light carbon Innegra, which was provided for the test.

Brand Claim
“The 3S Plus seamlessly blends the finest attributes from our wave, freeride, and freestyle boards, offering versatility across three distinct styles of windsurfing.”

Off the beach and onto the plane, you notice how stable and comfortable the 3S Plus feels underfoot. Its volume distribution, paired with its wider hips and shoulder outline, assists the rider in getting comfortable and settled before immersing themselves in the action. The 3S Plus doesn’t take much effort for the rider to get into the mix; gliding onto the plane super early, while both footstraps are easy to find, allowing you to gain control quickly and match the board’s quick-to-plane performance. With some extra positive input, the 3S Plus accelerates quickly, revealing an extra gear you might not have thought it was capable of, enabling you to navigate through chop and find a suitable bump to take flight off. Keeping an eye on the nose, you can actively see its well-rockered nose dispersing any messy water with ease, while the thick padded deck pads soak up any leftover repercussions to maintain your comfort. Through transitions, the 3S Plus gybes well, with its thinned rails in the tail allowing a more aggressive radius, while the wider hips and shoulders give you the option to open up your turning circle should you so desire. Placed in a more wave-orientated setting the 3S Plus is quick to plane, and its acceleration is a welcome characteristic to get you out and over the whitewater. On the crest of a wave, the 3S Plus allows you to take some power off as you let the wave carry you, allowing you to eye up your first turn or drop into the pit. Tight or loose, the 3S Plus will turn to your required radius, requiring less rider input than others on the test. When conditions really switch on, the 3S Plus will reach its limitations, however, for the conditions it’s made for, it will please anyone who steps on to it, whether you are looking for a super accessible wave board for typical cross-on conditions, or a wave board for someone of a larger frame, the 3S Plus can certainly excel.






Price: £2259 TEAM Construction (£1999 LTD Construction)

Volume (Quoted): 96L

Length: 229cm

Width: 61cm

Bottom Shape: Vee Double Concave throughout

Weight (Naked): 6.4kg

Fin: 1x MFC TF FW20cm + 2x MFC TF 11cm

Sail Range (Quoted): 4.2m-6.6m

Sizes Available: 86, 96, 106, 116


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