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The Verdict

A fresh new Kode that’s fun to sail. Has a great ability to adapt to a variety of conditions with some simple tuning, while remaining in control opens up a world of possibilities. An onshore machine that is equally at home in waves that will make even the most onshore of days fun and inviting.


The Lowdown

Visually, compared to the 2023 Kode, the 2024 model looks distinctly surfier, with its gently pulled-in swallow tail and equally gently pulled-in nose. It’s not aggressively surfy, but at first glance, it wouldn’t look hugely out of place on a wave. The rocker of the Kode really sits on the underside with a small amount of tail kick and a decent amount of nose kick. The deck of the board, from nose to tail, is relatively flat as the volume is distributed along its length nicely, thinning out at the tail, which will provide some grab and grip on a wave and through transitions. The Kode is available in Starboard’s two constructions, Wood Sandwich, or the more performance-oriented construction, and Starboard’s Flagship, which we were supplied with, the Carbon Sandwich. The finish looks and feels exceptional, with its bright red tail abruptly fading to a brushed carbon blue, which is both eye-catching and smart. In the rails you can see the Carbon Innegra layup, which is a tasteful touch to show off its premium construction, while the Kode offers just the right amount of footstrap options, allowing the rider to tune the board to match the conditions. Alongside the mast track, which is set on a flat section, indicators direct the rider to where the UJ should be placed depending on the conditions you are choosing to use the Kode for e.g. Freeride, FreeWave, or Wave. Starboard has also gone that one step further to provide ultimate tunability and performance, providing the board with a larger single-fin option with blanking plates for the side fins, as well as a tri-fin setup for freewave or wave conditions.


Brand Claim

“The 2024 Kode sensation. Different from any other Kode range ever developed. Combines more wave riding and blasting ability than any predecessors.”



Up to speed and planing early, the Kode is efficient, taking any input you deliver to it and using it without wasting an ounce of energy. Set up for flatter water with its larger single fin, the Kode offers blistering straight-line speed. Despite having a shape that is surfier than in previous years, you do notice the narrower tail when driving harder in this setup, but it works well, covering distance with ease. Moving to choppier waters, with its thruster setup and single back strap, the Kode transforms into a looser, more playful platform. Still, early to plane, it’s easy to hunt down the next little ramp to project you into the air. The Kode doesn’t feel cumbersome as it handles moderately messy waters well. Through the transitions, the Kode’s behavior varies depending on your fin setup. The single fin allows you to drive hard and fast, while in its thruster setup, you can still drive hard, but a gentler approach is needed to carry speed through the gybes, as the tail becomes nimbler and more reactive to the rider’s foot pressure and placement, which is not a bad thing when it comes to putting it on to a wave, or searching for the path of least resistance as you fire your way off the beach. Tuning the Kode for the waves opens up your possibilities, and by following the correctly placed mast track guide, and making a slight adjustment in the back strap position, you can really transform the Kode’s riding ability to suit a variety of conditions. When conditions really turn on, the Kode’s shoulders do feel a little large, and its tapered nose can occasionally catch in steep chop if you haven’t tuned the Kode to match – however a little bit of fine-tuning can eradicate this. On the face of a wave, the Kode turns into a wave board – boasting a vast turning ability. You can choose to go tight or go long and drawn out as you engage more of the tail or more of the rails up front. It’s not a one-hit-wonder; you can actually ride the Kode in a variety of conditions, finding your flow and rhythm, but remember to tune it to what’s presented before you. A do-it-all cross-on / onshore board that offers solid performance on a wave, while making sloppy conditions fun.






Price: £2299

Volume (Quoted): 95L

Length: 228cm

Width: 62cm

Bottom Shape: Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in single Concave

Weight (Naked): 6.9kg

Fin: Drake Natural Wave 11cm + MFC TF 21cm + MFC FreeWave 28cm

Sail Range (Quoted): 4.5-6.5m

Sizes Available: 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135


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