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As windsurfers, we all share a passion for the rush of adrenaline that comes from blasting. It’s a feeling like no other – the sense of speed, the thrill of control, and the sheer joy of being out on the water. And for some, no-cam freerace sails are the key to unlocking that experience. Note: The RRD Fire Y27 6.8 was featured as catch up test in our September 2023 issue.

Editor: Rob York // Second Testers: Joe North, Tris Best, Maurin Rottenwalter, Scotty Stallman // Photos: Tris Best, Ollie Rodgers // Test Location: Portland Harbour


These sails are designed to be quick to rig, user-friendly, and adaptable to different riding styles and conditions. And in some cases, they can provide top-end stability and performance that comes close to racing level! But with so many options on the market, it can take a lot of work to know which sail is right for you.

That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at ten of the latest non-cam freerace sail designs currently available that explore the current trends in sail design, including the use of new materials to save weight and improve performance, and the push towards broader wind ranges.

But ultimately, the key to finding the right sail for you is to consider your riding style and preferences. For example, do you enjoy experimenting with the sail’s settings to optimise performance, or are you looking for a sail that you can rig and go? Do you prioritise natural wind range, or are you drawn to sails with a broader, tuneable range? By answering these questions, you can make an informed choice and find the perfect sail for your needs.


First up is Loftsails Oxygen HD. This sail feels like you can sit right into it, and the centre of effort feels low in the rig, making it super easy to control and direct big gusts. It provides a free feeling with the rig and is super controllable. The Severne NCX feels lightweight and easy to manoeuvre; it produces excellent release that leads to consistent acceleration. It is also light in the hands through the turn, making it easy to position. The Patrik Ride FR produced excellent stability at speed, early planing ability, and immediate power. It has a good tuning range and is user-friendly. The Gunsails Rapid is locked in and has good tuning ability, providing a smooth feel in the hands. The Simmer V Max is well-mannered and gets going well with a lot of forward drive, which helps the rider get the rig forward through the turn. The Duotone E_PACE impressed with its massive tuning range, forward drive, and a mast that responds to help absorb turbulence in choppy conditions. The Point 7 AC-X has a locked in feel, is fast and powerful with heaps of useable drive that translates well into turns. The North X-Over is light in its handling, with great bottom end and fantastic release whilst also being extremely user-friendly. Finally, the GA Matrix is a fast all-rounder, providing a lot of range, making it easy and relaxing to sail, and the Goya Mark, is a sail that feels positive in the hands, has plenty of bottom-end torque and is also user-friendly.

The Lineup

Duotone E_PACE 6.6

GA Matrix 7.2

Goya Mark 7.2

Gunsails Rapid 7.2

Loftsails Oxygen HD 7.0

North X-Over 6.7

Patrik Ride FR 6.8

Point-7 AC-X 7.0

Severne NCX 7.0

Simmer V Max 7.2

RRD Fire Y27 6.8


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