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Simmer V Max 7.2 2023 TEST REVIEW

The Verdict

An extremely dependable sail, the V Max is a real plug-and-play set-up that is easy to accelerate and control. A welcome teacher in the gybes, the V Max is sure to impress those looking for a sail that is clear, decisive and well mannered.

The Lowdown

Next up is the V Max, a six-batten sail produced in seven sizes from 4.8 to 8.6. The V Max is a sail with a low aspect ratio and displays a standout, deep, locked-in profile. Produced in two different colourways, yellow and blue, the V Max also features Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons that distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail from clew to luff. This feature controls the breaking point for the twist, which is said to increase the wind range, and increases the longevity of the sail. Precision tapered battens on the lower two battens help push the sail profile forward and keep the draft locked in.

The cutaway clew of the V Max allows the rider to set up with a more rigid boom, which is simple to set in the rig’s singular clew eyelet. The V Max also features 5 mil X-Ply in high-stress areas of the sail, the most durable laminate scrim on the market, Simmer say. The 100% polyester film, 150 microns thick, with high stretch resilience thread reinforcement in an X-pattern, is bonded together with a UV resistant glue. X-Ply is also used on the batten pockets to ensure shape is maintained over time by minimising the potential for stretch. Overall the V Max is a classy-looking sail that is simple and easy to rig.

Brand Claim

“The V Max is all about freeriding made as simple as possible. This cam-free sail is easy to rig and easy to tune, light-weight, and easy to manoeuvre.”


From the moment you hit the water, the V Max feels like an old friend. It’s very well mannered and won’t do anything to upset you, but at the same time, it won’t hold you back.

But don’t let its calm demeanour fool you – the V Max delivers in abundance when it comes to forward drive. Once you get going, it builds speed with ease, giving you plenty of drive and power to work with that is very easy to direct into the board due to the forward draft. The V Max can be worked onto the plane with some pumping, but also accelerates well when sitting into the harness and driving its power through the board. As the breeze builds, the V Max excels immensely in its ability to drive the board flat, adding to its dependable nature, ensuring the rider is able to control the board well, even when the power is on.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the V Max is its drive in turns, which really helps the rider get the rig forward, making it easy to keep the rig away throughout the gybe to keep the power on. This, in turn, helps the rider set up well for the exit allowing them to drop back to the tail of the board and drive the kit with ease.



Simmer V Max 7.2 2023 TEST REVIEW


Price: £799.00

Size: 7.2m

Luff: 456 cm

Boom: 211 cm

Battens: 6

Ideal Mast: Simmer SX8 430 SDM/RDM

Available sizes: 4.8, 5.4, 6.0, 6.6, 7.2, 7.9, 8.6.


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