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Goya Quad 84 Custom Pro 2013 TEST REVIEW

Stats Volume (L) 84 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 230 Width (cm) 57.6 Construction Custom Pro Fin 2x 9cm 2x 15cm MFC Price £1499

Goya Quad84_1

Goya Quad 84 Custom Pro 2013 TEST REVIEW

The Custom Quad is Goya’s focused hard-core wave board line, available in six sizes ranging from 68 up to 104 litres. The range remains unchanged for 2013.

A compact outline, with a narrow pintail and plenty of width through the middle extends forward into a wide nose. The deck is flat and it has excellent dual density pads along with quality MFC footstraps fitted. The underside features double concaves that blend into vee in the tail and it has a decent amount of rocker in the nose, with a slight kick in the tail. The quad fin cluster is a (Maui Fin Co.) MFC QS300 setup, consisting of two 9cm mini Tuttle box fins at the front and two 15cm US box fins at the back. The Custom Pro construction has extra carbon reinforcement patches on the rails, as well as under the mast track and footpads.

With plenty of width around the mast foot and well-distributed volume the Goya 84 Quad is very stable and quick to lift onto the plane and tracks very smoothly. The sailing position in-the-straps is extremely comfortable with the soft pads underfoot helping to deliver a great level of control and an easy ride in all conditions. Getting around the break is no hassle as it points up-wind very well and, off the wind, is quick – perfect for jumping. In the air it’s easy to control and always lands comfortably. On the wave there’s a real surfing-style feel and plenty of grip from the quad fins in all sizes of surf – you can really lay the rail in the turn and carve it as hard as you like to hit any type of section.

The Goya Custom Quad is a very versatile board that excels in a range of true wave-riding conditions. If carving up walls of water is your main focus and you want a board that can tear it up wherever you go then this is the one for you.



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