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tabou dacurve action

Tabou Da Curve Quadster 85 Limited 2013 TEST REVIEW

Stats Volume (L) 85 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 230 Width (cm) 57.5 Construction LImited Fin 2x 10cm 2x 16cm 1x 17cm TLab Price £1549

Tabou DaCurve85_1
Tabou Da Curve Quadster 85 Limited 2013 TEST REVIEW

The Da Curve is Tabou’s radical wave board line available in five sizes ranging from 67 up to 91 litres that, with five lightweight SlotBoxes, can be configured as either a quad fin or thruster.

A very compact shape with a wide, pointed nose and slender swallow tail. The max width is set slightly forwards and narrows between the footstraps. The deck is very domed and it comes with cushioned pads and decent Tabou straps. The stance span is particularly wide on this board and you also have the option to tune the angle of the front straps. Underneath it has double concaves into vee in the tail and it has plenty of rocker, particularly in the rear. There are five SlotBox inserts and it comes with a complete set of four T-Lab Zinger fins configurable for either quad or trifin mode – Tabou suggest a cluster of three is best for onshore and four for down-the-line conditions.

The compact shape really packs the volume in tight, so for 85L, it does feel a bit on the smaller side. The Da Curve lifts smoothly up onto the plane, although it’s not the quickest to accelerate and can require some effort to get really going. The ride in a straight line is comfortable. However the super-wide stance can take a little getting used to, but once familiar, is better for tucking into the riding action. On the wave it really comes alive. Without relying on rig power, it has a very surfy feel, turning from the full rail length and biting hard from the fins. In quad mode it delivers heaps of grip for bigger waves, whereas in three-fin mode it is a bit looser and freer, perfect for smaller, slushier swell.

The Da Curve is a versatile wave board with the added benefits of changing fin configurations to suit the conditions. With such a radical shape and style, it won’t be to everyone’s taste and might suit the more advanced rider more, but in the right hands, is capable of ripping-up any kind of surf.



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