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starboard quad action

Starboard Quad 82 Carbon 2013 TEST REVIEW

Stats Volume (L) 82 Weight (Kg) 7.5 Length (cm) 229 Width (cm) 58.5 Construction Carbon Fin 2x 10cm 2x 13cm Drake Price £1599

SB Quad82_1
Starboard Quad 82 Carbon 2013 TEST REVIEW

The Scott McKercher-designed Starboard Quads have an all-new shape for 2013, with revised tail shapes and fins. As one of 3 waveboard lines in their collection they’re intended to deliver even more range, speed and drive and a ‘full-rail’ turning sensation in any type of surf. There are 7 sizes in the range in two different constructions, wood or the full carbon version that we tested here.

A short and wide profile, with a pointed nose and squash tail. The deck is relatively flat and it comes complete with quality footstraps and pads fitted. Underneath there’s a subtle mono concave blending into double concave under the straps. It comes with a Drake quad fin set-up consisting of two 10cm and two 13cm SlotBox foils. It also comes with fin box blanks for the front boxes so it can be ridden as a twin fin – although you would need to add a couple of slightly bigger fins.

Feeling very stable for an 82 litre board, this quad feels rather bigger than it is off the plane. When powered-up it accelerates quickly up-to-speed and rides very low in the water, but still feels pretty lively. It’s quick off-the-wind, and so fun for getting airborne. But it’s the wave riding performance where this shape excels – specifically generating a great deal of speed on the wave and through turns, carving from the rail and gripping through the fins. It can be turned tight and loose but it’s the more committed full-board-length-engaged turns that this board is really all about.

The Starboard Quad is a superb wave riding board that can shred everything from knee high on-shore to big cross-off surf – and the bigger the swell the better! It likes to be driven hard and rewards riders sailing more off their front foot. It would suit the fully-dedicated wave rider who sails in a range of conditions and wants to make the most of every wave ride.



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