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witchcraft shakra action

WitchCraft Chakra 90 Custom

Stats Volume (L) 85 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 233.9 Width (cm) 60.7 Construction Custom Fin 2x 14cm 2x 18.5cm Witchcraft Price £1440

WC Chakra90_1

WitchCraft Chakra 90 Custom Test Review Report

The Chakra is Witchcrafts versatile wave/freestyle board line, available in twelve different sizes ranging from 70 right up to 115 litres. It comes in either SDT construction, which we tested, or HDD construction that Witchcraft claim delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio possible.

It has good width across the middle that extends forward into a wide nose and backward to a broad tail. On the deck it comes with thin cushioned pads and chunky ProLimit footstraps. The hull shape is interesting, with a pronounced domed vee up front that merges into subtle double concaves and then into standard vee in the tail. The tri-fin setup consists of two 14cm Mini Tuttle side fins that are set with a 10mm toe-in and an 18.5cm single fin. It can also be setup and ridden as a single-fin.

The Witchcrafts are renowned for incredibly durability. We remember a video demonstration where a hammer was taken to the deck of a HDD board and it just bounced off! Although I wouldn’t recommend doing this to your own board!

It feels very solid under foot and the hull design works very efficiently to lift you quickly up onto the plane. The ride from the straps is very comfortable, although the narrow stance-span and chunky ProLimit straps do take a bit of getting used to – but offer plenty of support and a good connection to the board. It’s a fast shape in a straight line, so in bump&jump or on-shore conditions you can really wind it up and launch some seriously big airs. On the wave the three fins deliver heaps of grip for powering through turns and it carves with an on-the-rail sensation. In smaller, less powerful waves it’s fast and nimble so you can really make the most of all conditions.

The Chakra is an easy-to-sail versatile board that you could take anywhere. It particularly excels in lighter wind and/or small surf conditions, plus its wave-freestyle properties make for an excellent multi-use, crossover board for bump & jump and blasting days.



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