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rrd cult action

RRD Cult V5 Quad 83 Limited 2013 TEST REVIEW

Stats Volume (L) 83 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 230 Width (cm) 59 Construction Limited Fin 2x 9cm 2x 17cm MFC Price £1650

RRD Cult83_1
RRD Cult V5 Quad 83 Limited 2013 TEST REVIEW

The Cult Quad V5 has an all-new shape for 2013, with a shorter and wider outline, as well as revised rocker and rail profiles. As one of three quad shapes in the RRD range the V5s are designed for all-round and onshore wave performance – as are the slightly more stretched Wave Cult Contest Quads. Available in four sizes ranging from 75L up to 100L, it comes in LTD construction and has a high-quality finish with polished base and rails.

It’s noticeably wide across the middle with a narrow pintail and pointed nose. The deck is fairly flat to allow the thinner rails and has quality pads as well as super-comfortable DaKine footstraps fitted. Underneath, double concaves flow into vee in the tail. Supplied with a MFC ProFlex quad fin set-up, consisting of two 17cm US box fins at the back and two 9cm SlotBox fins in the front.

As you’d expect from the width in the middle and forward of centre, the V5 is super-stable underfoot. It also lifts freely and planes-up swiftly with effortless acceleration. Once in-the-straps, it’s easy to gain confidence from the comfortable and controlled stance, regardless of water-state. On the wave it feels lively, with an engaging and measured level of grip from the fins. This 83 holds full speed through the bottom turn and is super-loose and highly versatile in terms of offering a range of turns off-the-top. It can hook tight and fast in small surf and still holds speed for linking manoeuvres while still delivering complete control and drive in larger waves. This Cult is also an exciting board to jump and pilot in the air.

The Wave Cult LTD V5 is an instantly likeable board that’s easy to perform a range of slashing, carving and aerial moves on thanks to the comfy ride. This is a board that could tear it up in any conditions – regardless of skill level. All of our testers loved this board. Well recommended.



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